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Marine Forecasts

The two most convenient sources of marine forecasts, including the 5-day outlook are:

  • VHF radio -- the Maritime New Zealand maritime radio service provides forecasts announced on Channel 16 -- call at 0533, 0733, 1333, 1733 and 2133 hours
  • Continuous Coastguard nowcast on VHF channel 22 from Nelson

Other sources of marine forecasts include:

  • www.metservice.co.nz [New Zealand's national meteorological service]
  • Windy - www.windy.com
  • Predict Wind - www.PredictWind.com

Nelson Marine Radio on VHF channel 28

Sea area `Abel' applies to Tasman Bay.

Sea area `Stephens' is usually more applicable to Golden Bay and Farewell Spit.

Sea area 'Grey' applies to the western side of Farewell Spit.


Met Service

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